Found these yesterday while at an antique store! I’ve never seen so many in one place!

Hi!was curious if you could help me figure out what doll i have, i have two of them. I love them and want to find more but cant figure out what brand or company made them. Have you seen any similar in thrift stores, i got her at St.vincent de Paul’s in west Virginia. Not her original clothing, she came with short denim jeans and a white shirt.

She looks like a knockoff groovy girls/bratz doll to the eyes at shifty hq, if anyone knows for sure drop it in the replies.

1. Apple King Poot…? 2. Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls both missing the same eye. Definitely cursed 3. A very round chef with “2010 era emo hair” as my friend described 4. An equally round clown with a very concerning expression

• An AMAZING shirt I wish fit me or anyone I know • oh ship! • Just a boy in love with a frog, nothing to see here • A squirrel that WILL crack your nuts • A pig that probably has a crush on you • An entire audience of cows (with bonus owls)…