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Didi#0101 US Pokemon (Combee, Jigglypuff, Gengar, Pachirisu, Cutiefly, Ribombee esp), Kaiju (Godzilla stuff, Mothra is bae), Sweet Coron (Rare early 2000's Sanrio), Gudetama, Final Fantasy (Serious cactuar and moogle collector, will pay serious dollars for rare shit,) Alien (Xenomorph, Ripley, and Vasquez esp,) Capsule Chix, Street Fighter (Blanka and Rainbow Mika), Riker shit Mr. T, He-Man, Monster High stuff, bootleg toys, bratzillas, mini brands, Star Trek, CHiPS, wacky packages, funko pops related to these interests
CherryStyxx#1353 Canada The Flash Merchandise, Pokemon Plush, Brand Mascot Plush, Webkinz Cinnamoroll Sanrio Plush, Build a Bears, Squishmallows
BeatlesPkmnFan#9645 US My Little Pony, Sanrio (moreso the other characters than Hello Kitty I'm picky with her b/c of space), Monster High, Ever After High, Shopkins, Animaniacs, merch for anything Koge-Donbo* made or did significant work on (Di Gi Charat, Pita-Ten, Kamichama Karin, A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, etc) or anything with her art on or in it, Furby, prog CDs, Humongous Entertainment games. Not interested in dolls that are naked and/or missing any limbs, or any budget (less than normal articulation) dolls with MH and EAH. Some specifics with MLP – books and greeting cards are my favorite kind of non-pony merch. Nintendo, Novi Stars, Barbie, Care Bears, fakies (fake MLPs, I especially like Lanards) A few specifics when it comes to ponies and music on what I am ISO
ClockworkPrince#7999 The Netherlands Monster High dolls (for customisation; I don't mind missing/cut hair or stains, but do want all original limbs present and only dolls with arm and wrist articulation; ask me which dolls I'm actively looking for) + spare limbs/heads, Monster High scale furniture + objects + haberdashery + lace, Sailor Moon wands and accessories, mermaid anything Magical girls wands and accessories in general, old PC games for DOS/Windows, other Sailor Moon merch, Digimon Digivices, 2D Disney movie dolls, working Tamagotchis and Digimon "Tamagotchis", VOCALOID figurines (I'm not interested in Gumi or Kaito; ask me about other characters), specific Pokémon (Chikorita + evolutions, Togepi + Togetic, Dratini + Dragonair, Eevee + Eeveelutions, Lugia, Articuno), gen 1 + 2 Pokémon cards (Kanto and Johto series; not interested in newer ones), early Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, 80's/90's/early 00's LEGO sets (castle, adventure, aliens, Paradiso, Belville, basically anything that's not LEGO City/trains/etc.)
Spocko my man#4458 Finland -All conditions of Monster High (for customization, see also the list linked) ESPECIALLY GOOLIOPE AND ESP ESP SHRIEK WRECKED GOOLIOPE!, MH AstranovaMewtwo and Mew in any form, Star Trek (esp. anything Picard and Q related! Any Q figure will do, same for Picard), David Bowie, T-shirts of those topics (my shirt size is M or 40 EU), Novi Stars, all gens of MLP with sewing and art related marks and names, all gens of space-related cutie mark MLP, G1s: Ringlet, Mainsail, baby Shaggy, yellow G1s, Peruvian Tootsie. Mewtwo stuff, 8-9 sized Pullip/BJD wigs, high heels size 43-44 EU/US M 9-10/US F 10,5-11, Magic Diaper Baby dinos by LGT, Star Trek Itty Bitties (esp Picard), Picard bobblehead, some Poopsies (see picture), Once Upon A Time… figures and dolls and whatever merch (the French animated series Il était une fois…) Discord anything from MLP FiM, Dead Can Dance albums, Dandy Warhols albums Flashy fabrics (think about Star Trek's costumes), Pokémon stuff I don't already have (ask me!), Sims 3, MLP fakies, LPS, foreign candy, Sims stuff packs and additions to Sims 2 and Sims 4. Also I suck at using this excel so here is my MH ISO list link: and Poopsie ISO list link: AND Q Pinterest board
TillyMcMuffin#1343 US Muppets, Frogs, Shotglasses, Crazy flat sheets, fabric (cotton for quilting), Chilly Willy, Serta sheep plush 80s character stuff (Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.); Ridiculous coloring books, quilting patterns/books, Old School Punk Rock stuff. Sheet examples:
Figgs#2903 USA Kitty Kitty Kittens (any), purple Peppermint Rose bunny, vintage LPS, vintage decrepit over loved plush toys (ie velveteeen rabbit)[NO monkeys/clowns/babies], vintage ceramic fawns, vintage strawberry themed items 50s/60s kitschy animals (plush or figurines or mailable items with decals), glass suncatchers, glass trinket boxes, unicorns, vintage floral mugs,
WanderLostGirl#3596 USA My Little Pony, Breyers Horses, lead crystals/prisms (anything that makes rainbows) 80s and 90s toys, unicorns, pokemon mostly eeveelutions and vulpix, magic the gathering, herbal books, fur and leathers, bones and feathers
SubwayTheEevee#4170 USA Monster high cat's, monster high sheirk wrecked line, barbies + kens with joints, modern skipper dolls, barbies with colorful hair, redheaded dolls, puffkins, enchantimal dolls +plush, liv dolls and liv wigs doll clothing bags, dc superhero girls without clothing for customs,plaid fabric, galaxy fabric, socks with cool patterns, doll heads with colorful hair or ginger hair, and anything Eevee related
Ms. Freeze#5821 USA Vintage gadgets (radios, telephones, typewriters, all machines of eras gone by), Cuban Missile Crisis/Cold War related objects, regal shelf ornaments,
CrabOfDoom#6297 USA Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII); Ravus (FFXV); L3-37 (droid, SW:Solo); small cute crab & skunk figurines; fashion doll clothes & shoes, M & F, "ice" & "crystal" accessories; miniature public mailboxes; yellow body & blue hair ponies; Bubbles G1 MLP merch; M.U.S.C.L.E & C.U.T.I.E figures; Showbiz Pizza Mitzi (mouse) stuff; 80s vending machine clip-on charms, linking hearts & stars; Charmkins; Hong Kong mini plastic zoo animals & small toys in gen; 80s Rose Petal; Duran Duran pins/badges/buttons/patches; locket pendants; 80s Sweet Secrets animals; 80s/90s metal Honeycomb cereal license plates; mini treasure chests; Mattel Tuff Stuff letters; Impossible long shot, but if you find any FFVII or XV Play Arts Kai figures loose in the wild for less than $10, I will send you a certified portion of my soul. Same with those early 80s thin-plastic McDonalds happy meal boats. Did any even survive? No man can say.
bigfootstrikesagain#5068 USA crochet stuff (yarn, hooks, books) traditional Japanese dolls (looking at smaller ones like small to medium kokeshi), sewing supplies (especially bag making and stuffed animal making supplies), sewing patterns and books (especially ones related to making bags and stuffed animals), Japanese craft and doll books, history books post-punk/new wave music and memorabilia, miniatures (especially miniature kits or Kunstlerschutz flocked miniatures), Re-Ment, Pom Pom Purin, sewing patterns, mugs with cute characters ('80s characters like Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake, Sanrio that isn't Hello Kitty or Gudetama, etc.), weird kitsch has examples of authentic traditional and creative kokeshi
Lillium#6760 USA Pokemon (Espeon,Scolipede,Chandelure,Cherubi,Spritzee,Weepinbell,Driftloon,Vileplume,Giratina, Cottonee, Mew), vintage botanical items (books/prints), rusted/tarnished items (firgures,small plush,keys,spoons,small items and tools), strange or tarnished fairy garden items (ex. I have a minature metal harvest sickle),silent hill merch, plants and cuttings,and unique pottery for plants. Actively looking for 80s Strawberry Shortcake Custard figures (multiple in all states of condition) MLP g1 and 3 (mostly orange/green ones), Lalaloopsy minis, Donut num noms, bees, centipedes/milipedes,snails
boshawchester#3525 USA Monster High dolls, Star Trek books, Marvel comics, art prints/things with art on them, stickers, pins, keychains, books by Jean M. Auel Disney's Descendants, video game merch, bjd, anime, weird graphic tees, YouTuber merch, Pokemon (specifically Eevee things)
Leo Promissio #2445 USA Splatoon, Calico Critters, My Little Pony, Pom Pom Purin, Stardew Valley, Undertale, and Lucario (Pokémon) I love seeing any anime thrift finds. I probably won’t want it, but I love seeing it thrifted.
CntChocula #1750 ID USA vintage art of strange looking cats, cameras (working or not), polaroid/kodak paraphernalia, gudetama, cross stitch patterns
synthstrings#2794 USA Unicornos, various other Tokidoki figures, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure merch, Moomins, Furby, Kewpie dolls, Rilakkuma, Sanrio (Pompompurin/Dokidoki Yummychums/Deery Lou/Keroppi), cool mugs, tarot decks, enamel & badge pins Russian nesting dolls, vintage unicorn/pegasus stuff, jackalopes, pride gear, weird bootlegs
trubbull#4190 IA USA COWS; black and white, Holstein Friesans (dairy cows) only, pink noses preferred; Knick-knacks, toys, clothing (XL generally), wall art, bedding (twin), blankets (any size), mugs, literally anything that has a black and white cow on it. Mary MooMoo figures of any color (most are b/w some are gold and white). Anything Princess Bride related. Patterned, or floral-print mens shirts (Large or larger). Ninja Sex Party/Game Grumps stuff. Complete seasons of the Simpsons prior to S20. Jackalopes. Trans pride. Classic video game console peripherals (like the NES and SNES and so forth). Patches for my leather jacket. Cute VINTAGE childrens twin size fitted-sheets (patterned with cute designs; nothing modern). Bulbasaur Build A Bear and other Bulbasaur toys/figures, etc.
skyhillian#9705 IA USA Unicorns and giraffes. Sleeping cat figurines. Eevee stuff. The Last Unicorn stuff. (WIP)
Yiffhaver#2452 South Western PA, USA 1998 Furby Babies (list in examples); 1998 Furby Special Editions with hats (ex graduation etc); Cow and Pig Plushies; Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggie; Circus clown themed items, not hobo clowns; Sanrio, specifically cinnamoroll, hello kitty, and keroppi; Beanie Babies (list in examples); Birthday Beanie Babies; Lalaloopsies; Wonder Whims; Snails; Gnomes; Tea Pots; Yellow-Green Gingham; Orange Gingham; Plus-size (USA 20-24) clothing (60s-2000s); Aprons; Jars, Vials, Etc.; Medicinal Jars, Vials, Etc.; Teapot Themed-Items (such as bags, brooches, etc.); Orange, Green, Yellow jewelry and gems; Richard "Dick" Nixon pins; WWII memorabilia; Scene/emo revival; Anything that could be considered Visual kei or Gyaru clothing that is plus size or an accessory; Furniture with wheels Adventure Time; Steven Universe; Haunted dolls; Ghost-themed items; Halloween items; Rainbow jewelry; Red jewelry; MLP Gen 5 & Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Fluttershy; Pop-punk merchandise; David Bowie merchandise; 50s-2000s jewelry and accessories; Hand mirrors and brush sets; Music boxes; Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! and Love Live! Perfect Dream Project merchandise; Idol merchandise; Contact me regarding ANY anime merchandise; Porcelain figures of 1600-1910 women; Enamel Pins; Disney Park Pins; Webkinz; Shoes size 6-7.5 wide; Bald Cabbage Patch Boys; Garbage Pail Kids cards; Rosaries; Catholic imagery; will post soon!
freddy#2315 USA Neopets, Pokemon, Carebears, Lisa Frank, Scenecore fashion and accessories (XL Women), POSTERS kandi / pony beads, art supplies, pokemon cards, stim toys
FAV THINGS: pokemon ranger, pokemon explorers of sky, pokemon hgss lisa frank accessories, invader zim, please contact me on discord if you have any old things you wanna sell, i will take old pokemon games even broken ones
Kikwi#1313 USA G1/80s My Little Pony, Monster High dolls, How to Train Your Dragon merch, crystals and other like shiny stuff, things that are probably possessed. Art supplies, furry fandom weirdness, build a bears (on occasion). I just like soft things ok
Honey™#4842 USA My Little Pony (prefer 80's, 90's and 00's era, ask for my wishlist!<3), Neopets, Pokemon (esp. 90's era) Current MLP but very picky/non show characters primarily
Little Grey Cat#4605 USA My Little Pony (G1/G2/G3), custom worthy articulated dolls, retro anime merch, Rocket Racoon merch, Michael Myers (Halloween) merch, Living Dead Dolls
RadioSana#6561 USA (PA) Anime VHS, Game Boy Advance games, Gamecube Games(looking for copies of Animal Crossing and Melee for a good price), Older Digimon plush and figures, Fat Pikachu Plush General Nintendo stuff, cute art supplies, Tamagotchi and Digimon, weird clothes, anime merch and manga, working Gamecube controllers, Pokemon (Ampharos, Furret, Flygon)
Glacier_Nester#4970 USA (IA) Local Choir Recordings (Think high school choir vinyl), Tron + Tron Legacy Merch, Warehouse 13 Merch, Enamel Pins Other Weird music/media, both weird in format and content (bonus points if it's a weird format I have a player for), Code Lyoko Merch, Pennanular Brooch (aka Cloak Pin) my page where I put archivable choir recordings
SirPlays#4073 US Funko Toys (pops, dorbz, Wacky Wobblers, etc.), Blow Molds, Gemmy/animated Items (life-size props, tabletop props, inflatables, etc.)
Autumn Wind#6937 USA (GA) Video games and accessories. Game Boy systems (DMG, GBP, GBC, GBA), Model 1 and Model 3 Sega Genesis systems. Nintendo plush toys (Pokemon, Animal crossing, etc.). Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, Legend of Zelda Amiibo figures. Cartoon, movie, and videogame soundtrack CDs. (CIB only).
Fruit#3451 US Furby, Furby Fakes, Stickers, Animal Crossing Amiibo/cards, Splatoon Merchandise, Tamagotchi, Lace Spools, Carebears Merchandise, Rainbow Brite Merchandise, Pokemon, Peropero sparkles Sewing Supplies
wack !#6282 U.S. Pokemon merch (old and new!), old and new Nintendo/video game stuff in general, old beanie babies, care bears, nendoroids, figmas, vocaloid merch (especially hatsune miku!), hunter x hunter merch, fruits basket merch, squishmallows, sanrio, knives, tiny cooking items that work (like the miniature space youtube channel), retro fashion (XL), frogs. I'm just really interested in a lot of things i can't think of at the moment! I love seeing weird vintage items and other oddities.Cute things and things that just seem neat in general! Stickers are cool. I'm into different types of fashion. I also am searching for a game boy printer (with paper if possible) + camera.
Mew#3793 US Pokemon cards are my main ISO at the moment. Especially Dark Raichu. Segaworld AOSTH Robotnik plush is a grail of mine and a very unrealistic goal but I'm adding it here anyway just i case some miracle happens. Felix the cat merch. Monchichi(My mother collects them and they make nice occasional gifts whenever I get a hold of some) There's a lot of things I think I want, but due to a lack of space in my house, I can only focus on the ones in the other box: Pokemon of any gen, clowns, furreal friends, anything pirate related, Snails, Vultures, model horses, dinosaurs, monster high/capsule chix, Chickens, cows, unicorn statues, hedgehogs (Not sonic usually, just like the actual animal hedgehog), robots/battery operated toys. Any of these, if they have a toy form, I'll go nuts. Snails.
Batacho #4030 US Pokemon cards,Magic the gathering cards, dolls from the early 2000s, and barbie/18 inch doll clothes Not much really, if my wallet allows me. Furreal Friends?
nyantribble #7148 U.S 98' and 2005 furbies and furby babies-carebears plushies and merch- good luck trolls- nosybears-popples Ghost Pokémon merch especially gengar- twinklebears if you can find any affordable ones, oddshaped teapots but I do worry about them being expensive to ship and they break easy
Bluehuskey12 #1529 Weird plush, Pokemon plush, G1 my little pony, Tokidoki, Monster High dolls with accessories not the normal characters, Squishmallows, Offcially licensed Disney merch, Disney Attractionistas I mainly need the pets and hats i also need the Tomorrowland gal full and the Hotel full, anything Marie. Loppy Bunny plush, Torrid Size 3 shirts. Not everything listed here is within my search range I like random things I like
Headphone#3040 Canada Veggietales merch(just about any kind!) plushies, PVC figures, board games, promotional material, etc… I really can't list all of it but pretty much anything except for like, tapes + DVDs since I already have most of them, but there are some exceptions(STARS classroom VHSs, Veggietown values and other sunday school/vbs material). Preferably pre-2014 era(The netflix show w/the new designs). Also Monster high/ever after high boy dolls Other weird christian nostalgia tapes(bibleman, doughnut repar club, tommy nelson, hermie + friends, etc….). Focus on the Family features, also Pokemon Meowth plushies or figures. Small/medium moomins merch
anima_liberas#5696 United states sky dancers with the base, webkinz (used or not), rainbow brite merch, grubby from teddy ruxpin, anime prize figures in ANY condition, gen1 mlp sea ponies, and broken funko pops (to fix), weird plushies, weird vhs tapes, old promotional items, motorcycle stuff [like mini bikes] old cds, games, dvds,vhs, and old computer stuff.
SpacePirate#0609 United States Sonic the hedgehog merchandise, particularly plushies and figures plushes of cartoon and video game characters in general, especially Mario and Pokemon
vurren#0666 United States Anything to do with goats (especially plushies), 1998 furbies, furby fakes, clown dolls, little shop of horrors merch, monokuma merch, Gen 1 MLP Animal crossing (ESPECIALLY the gulliver plushie), crystals, bones/skulls, enamel pins, rubber-faced dolls
Mew Universe#4576 United States Hairdorables outfits (no dolls, no shoes, no accessories–just the clothes); Capsule Chix; Sailor Moon DVDs & merch; tiny posable dolls (8" or smaller); the mini American Girl dolls and other similar dolls Animal Crossing merch; miniatures for dolls; otters; plush backpacks; Kingdom Hearts merch
Halerpal#4936 US (Calif) MLP, fakies, Little people and toddle tots (pre 1997 and animals any era), pokemon stuff esp weird looking little bootlegs, "Girly game" software (barbie software, mattel software from the 90s- mid 2000s, and the like), odd/ interesting old CD rom software, childrens software, stickers, sesame street and muppets things, childrens books, pencils, neopets, winnie the pooh, enamal pins and pinback buttons. Playskool Friends My Little Pony toys: Cheerilee, Twilight, Fluttershy, spike, angel bunny, rarity, lemon drop. pokemon early reader books, My little pony childrens books, girly game software (CD roms), Frisher price Little people pre 1991, Fisher price little people animals, dragons, dinosaurs of any era. small neopets figures, sesame street figures, MLP g1 and some G3. little tykes toddle tots, and lil playmates
seadragon1012#1729 us blue thunder for the action max game system, cib carmen sandiego games, werid video game systems or games, anything minidisc,furbys, video games, monster high, vaporwave, pokemon, digimon, vhs or cassete of anime, odd media formats
Space Twink 🐸 #1636 Canada squishmallows, nintendo merch, boy scout/girl scout/girl guide/etc patches and memorabilia, vintage kitsch plastic, ninja sex party merch (esp CDs), stickers, postcards, monster energy merch, fashion magazines, fortnite merch DS games, frogs, barbie, furbies, Garfield, vintage hair styling related stuff, fashion catalogs (like dehlias or sears) iso board: squishmallows I have board: (only the theo section)
Sugar-Foxes#2519 United States (MA) Plushies (especially ones in need of repair) Neopets, Pokemon, Webkinz with or without tags Furbies, other robo-pets
Taldak#9973 USA (NC) Aggretsuko/Gudetama- DnD Minis- Enamel Pins- Glass bottles (Small. Amber, cobalt, weird shapes)- Orange Scarves Pokemon Cards/Merch (no pikachu)- Queer Pride Stuff (bi/trans/bear esp)- Warrior Cats paperback books Gameboy SP and charger- Just about anything *orange* I'm interested in, though if clothing needs to be 2-3X- The Saracen Blade by Frank Yerby- Cat BBs- Monster Rancher PS1 or PS2 games- Old Simba plush that purrs when squeezed- Waluigi Amiibo
refusetoshine#6060 Canada (ON) Star Trek (Mostly TNG; especially anything Beverly Crusher), board games, playing cards, Baby-Sitters Club, Goofy, Christmas stuff, Sesame Street, mugs Doc McStuffins (for my kiddo), Expo 67 stuff, Betty Spaghetti ISO Board:
Pantsu42#4147 USA (WA) Books by CLAMP, R L Stine, Captian Underpants, Dog Man My little pony, the lion king, legend of zelda, wolverine from x-men, anything katamari damacy, horror movies, pokemon and Legos for my son.
Dixie#1017 USA (MA) Postage Stamps, Postcards, Littlest Pet Shop (LPS), Breyer horses, Vintage My Little Pony (MLP) figures, Animal and dinosaur figures and figurines (Schleich, Papo, CollectA, Safari Ltd., Mojo, etc.), stickers, typewriters, coins, pins Vintage or historical things, weird or funny knick-knacks, Star Trek, Muppets, Looney Tunes, Tintin, Sanrio, Garfield, Animaniacs, 1990's – early 2000's toys and other fun things. I'm interested in quite a lot of things, honestly – especially if it has a story or brings back memories!! And especially if it is animal themed!! 🙂 My ISO Pinterest Board:
PrettyFreakinScary #9242 USA (IN) Vintage salt and pepper shakers, cow items, rilakkuma, sumikko gurashi, enamel pins, vintage dolls (no porcelain)
mallow#2889 USA (NM) Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Looney Tunes, Ducktales, Donald + Daisy Duck, Pokemon plushes, Moomins and Kid Icarus. Cottagecore things 🙂
⑨mm⑨l⑨y⑨s#3131 USA (CT) fruit and vegetables with faces, lady figures with weird skin tones
Merk#1147 Canada (ON) World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, grass-type Pokemon starter merch (Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Treecko, Rowlet, etc) goth fashion (mens/womens s/xs)