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You are Dr. Frankenpoot, what cursed creation will you bring to life? It’s the Shifty 2021 Halloween Contest! 


YOU must create the monster. Bonus points for using materials you found at the thrift store, recycled, or repurposed. The monster can be you in a costume. The monster can be small. The monster can be large. Please do not send in stuff you made for our previous Halloween contests: newborn monsters only!

Take clear photos or a short video of your creation and send it in to our special contest blog (preferred) or to our Instagram for consideration. If uploading gives you trouble, resize and crop your entries.

Entry deadline: October 27th, 2021
Winner reveals: October 31st, 2021

A favorite monster will be chosen by the Admin Team and the winning creator gifted with a Beet Poot, a Furby, and more! A couple runner ups will get a free shirt from our store!

You must be 18+ or have an adult’s permission to participate in this contest. Please use an email or tumblr account that you actually check so that we can contact you after the contest ends if you win. Winner can be anywhere in the world so long as your country allows shipping from the US. This contest is not affiliated with tumblr, instagram, facebook, or twitter. Good luck and happy monster making!

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