About Us

Some time in 2012, a bunch of Regretsy forum people had a giant thread where we shared our weird thrift store finds. This evolved into my submission-driven tumblr blog in 2013 and I never stopped updating it. My name is Didi and I founded and curate this weird chunk of webspace known as ShiftyThrifting.

In 2017 myself and our lovely house artist Otter started making merch magic together after a very persistent fan demanded we reproduce a one of a kind shirt. It’s 2021 and we are now making our own original nonsense and have new stuff every month!

The same year, our wonderful Admin Sam and I began working on thrifted mystery boxes! What started as a patreon subscriber reward now has its own dedicated store. The demand is constant and these typically sell out quickly but they’re fun as hell to make and even more fun to see you guys unpack!

Our goal is to keep things light in a world where it is not always easy to do so and to give you a reason to laugh or smile every day. Shifty loves you. Yes, YOU.

Meet Team Shifty!

Admin Didi: founder, design, queue
Admin Otter: official artist, queue
Admin Sam: merch, digitizing, queue
Admin Duckie: official model

Tumblr Admins: McNerd, Ten
Twitter Admin: Zack
Facebook Admin: Kikwi
Instagram Admin: Baby Thanos